IMG_5552‘Don’t dream your life, live your dreams’ – this is the quotation I live my life by. Born to be wild – it is probably the best description of my personality that comes to my mind. Adventure is my second name because there’s no better way to explore the world doing crazy things – risk is necessary to make change happen. My real name is Karolina Kubiak and I am originally from Poland. I have a syndrome of restless soul with unexpected twists in my life (maybe I share later with that topic).

What is this blog for? To help me accomplish my goals, my dreams and finally rest in peace. I am a flash in the pan but I want to prove myself I can do it much more if I only want to. That’s why I created the list of my dreams  which I’m going to make come true, step by step (at least one per year)‎. Some say dreams are expressions of our deepest fears and desires. Some say dreams are only our fantasy. What I think dream is a wish the brain and the heart make. No one said it is easy to combine what a brain and what a heart want to, so the path to accomplish each of my dream might be difficult – sometimes money is not everything you have to possess. It is the will that has the greatest power.

Although I am not a native speaker, I decided to write this blog in English as this language was considered ‘la lingua pure’ by Leonardo da Vinci (English was beyond the corrupting forces of the Vatican in the 15th century, it’s like independent Switzerland today). Another reason to write in English is to improve my language skills – everyone knows that sometimes it’s easier to speak  than write. I’ll try not to do too many linguistic mistakes 🙂

So, hello everyone and welcome to my exceptionally odd world!


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