Prost! It’s Oktoberfest!

img_18375 days after I started my MBA in Germany me and my friends decided to go for the unforgettable experience to Munich. We went to Oktoberfest, one of the largest beer festivals in the world.

September 23rd, 11:30pm, Mannheim, railway station, we are waiting for the bus to Munich. We have a 5-hour trip ahead that will remain in our memory forever. We didn’t book any tables at Oktoberfest as most of people had advised us. We had positive thoughts we will be able to find a free table when we come early in the morning. At Oktoberfest it is recommended to book a table well in advance because the number of tourists is overwhelming every year (many people book the table even one year ahead!). As we made up our mind to go to Oktoberfest at last minute we were unable to book the table but …. we were still able to got one!

We arrived to Munich at 5am, next day, they open Oktoberfest at 8am so we still had some time to grab a breakfast and choose a beer tent where we would like to drink our beers. At Oktoberfest there are a lot of different tents (smaller, bigger, with better or worse atmosphere). We decided to go to Hacker-Pschorr Beer Tent which can accommodate around 7,000 people inside and 2,350 outside.


Having chosen the beer tent we went to the place where Oktoberfest was located. It was 7am, so we still had 1 hour till they opened the place. However, at that time we saw a lot of people waiting in the long line. We were really shocked. Most of them were tourists but to our surprise they were dressed in traditional Bavarian outfits.

Around 7:30am first gates were opened and we ran to our beer tent and waited outside. Punctually at 8am they opened the beer tent and we walked inside.


When we entered the tent it was almost full! We split into smaller groups and started looking for a free table. As soon as we found it the waiter brought us 1 liter beers (we got beers without ordering them but of course we had to pay for them).


The atmosphere inside the tent was amazing! Every half an hour the orchestra played a song and the crowd sang a song “Ein Prosit” what means “I salute you”. Additionally, when a person was drinking 1 liter of beer at once then everyone started supporting this person.

At Oktober fest I had also a chance to try Kaiserschmarrn, a traditional Austrian and Bavarian dish I have always wanted to try. It is a caramelized pancake made with rum-soaked raisins, eggs, flour, sugar, and butter. The pancake is split into pieces while frying, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served hot with apple sauce on the side. Delicious!

IMG_1823.JPGAround 12pm one of our friends got lost (didn’t answer a phone) so me and my friend decided to go outside and look for him. Unfortunately there were so many people in-and outside it was hard to find him. After 1 hour we gave up and sat on the grass with many other people (sober and less sober who were rolling down the hill).

IMG_1899.JPGAs the time was passing by and we had a train ticket booked we decided to leave Oktoberfest at 4pm. One of our friends was still missing but we had no idea how to find him.


10 minutes before the train departure our friend appeared as if nothing happened and told us his phone was dead and he was out and was shooting to stand targets 😉 We arrived to Mannheim safe and sound with great memories!

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-25 at 11.36.08.jpeg


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