Fly like a bird

FoIMG_1449r my first gliding experience I had to wait very long time.


Today, after the flight, I am wondering why I was waiting so long to do it as I am living in the small town (ca. 65 000 inhabitants) which is considered a world gliding center (the only place in the world being a triple host of the World Gliding Championships of 1958, 1968 and 2003,  Junior World Gliding Championships 2013 and World Gliding Championships 2014, host of Polish Gliding Championship). Many famous Polish pilots started their journey in this place (even the famous Polish Pilot – Tadeusz Wrona, who successfully performed a belly landing of a Boeing 767 at the Frederic Chopin airport – see link ).

Each year there is organized a gliding picnic in Leszno where  visitors can admire gliders, planes, helicopters, balloons, and in this year even F-16 . Visitors can also try what it feels like to fly in a glider , helicopter, small planes or a balloon and at the same time. The weather was perfect, you couldn’t  have imagined better that time. That’s why I decided to take a flight. I got a glider called “Bocian” what in English means stork. My pilot was a guy living on the same street  and working during a week in the company manufacturing  pumps.

Powered-aircraft and winches are the two most common means of launching gliders. My glider was launched using a stationary ground-based winch. The winch pulled in a 2,000- metre cable attached to the glider. The feeling of take-off was amazing. The glider is so light that it started rising up very fast to the sky. Then suddenly the cable was released and  for a second I had an impression that I am falling down. It was amazing moment, the silence, no engines, no traffic, just blue sky. The glider was flying like a bird. A wind blow lifted the glider up and the pieces of my body became weightless, each falling individually inside my body what gave the unique sinking feeling in my stomach.

Although the flight was very short I really liked it and I would definitely do it again. Right now I am considering doing the gliding license in the Central Gliding School in Leszno so that I could fly alone and anytime I want.











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