Bonjour Paris!

rotmoulinDear Paris, just wait for my parents. They’re going to meet. I promise.

September 17, 2015 is the date I purchased tickets to Paris for my parents to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They don’t know anything yet . Everything is top secret (I do not suppose they read my blog because they do not know about the existence of this website, at least I did not tell them). You may think that Paris is commonplace for lovers. Yes, you’re right. But wait, I will tell you the whole story before you start judging me.

My first idea was to buy tickets to the US and reaffirm their love with Las Vegas wedding vow renewal. Then I wanted to take them to all beautiful places located in the West Coast, including Grand Canyon, Death Valley, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and LA. I had everything prepared, including hotels, map of the trip, and attractions. But (I know the word is a dream killer), I was not able to book tickets not telling them about it. The problem is they both need visas to go to the US and I wanted them to know what I am planning to do. My dad was content but my mom did not want to go (she is scared of long flights and trips not booked via travel agency). I insisted and encouraged her to fly with us but she was adamant. No means No. My dad has always dreamed about the West Coast trip so he was eager to fly. Finally, I bought two tickets to Vegas so at least one person will make his dream come true (I have already been in Vegas but there are some places across West Coast I still haven’t visited).DSC00192

Throughout the incident, I had to think about another destination to satisfy my mum’s needs. If she’s up to organized trips, then I had look through offers of travel agencies. I found the perfect trip which was called “walk around Paris” in the catalogue . I decided to buy this one because it was recommended by many travelers (I am not big fan of travel agencies but this time it was not about me). My parents were in Paris long time ago and they spent in the city only 2 days. Now they’re gonna have 7 full days to enjoy this beautiful city. How do I know they’re gonna like it? During many conversations I asked them if they had a chance to go there, would they go? The reply was unanimous: YES.

Now it is time to give them the gift in the form of trip not only because this is their anniversary but because I would like to thank them for all years they raised me. I know there is no such a gift and words that could express how thankful I am to have them in my life. I hope this trip will express it in some way.

Mom, dad – enjoy every moment and cherish the memories in Paris 🙂


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