Believe in the magic of X-mas!

NYC 113Maybe I’m caught up in a dream but wish that I could stay forever in this dream. I packed by bags and took a plane to visit NYC – this time in winter season to pursue one of my deepest dream.

When I first time came to New York City in 2010 (it was summer time) I definitely fell in love in this city that has so much to offer: the shows, the skyscrapers,  the streets of Manhattan I have so far seen on TV! If you want to try and see everything in NYC you need at least 2 weeks to spend there. But even being 2 weeks in a row may cause you miss the other attractions which are offered in other months of the year. And so it was with me.  I don’t know like you, but I was brought up by ‘Home Alone’ movies with Macaulay Culkin playing the main role. I still remember the moment when Kevin was making a wish at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – the scene with the big Christmas Tree in the background was breathtaking. I also like the picturesque ice skating in Central Park which was showed in the movie. And you know what’s funny? In Poland the movie is on Tv every christmas time what year after year has been convincing me to put my dream into action. Finally the bubble burst – I stopped watching and started to experience.DSC04437

So I went to New York City to be born again – I remembered every piece of the city like it was yesterday. People from around the world have flocked to see the dazzling lights of the Christmas tree. The iconic Christmas scene with illuminated and decorated Rockefeller centre with ice rink in the centre. Usually the week before and after New Years Eve are very crowded – so the line to the ice rink was really big! People are waiting 2 or more hours to get there. I decided to ice skate  in Central Park (Wollman-Trump Rink) because of the spectacular view on skyscrapers and nice scenery in the middle of the park. Below is short movie I made (with my GoPro).

But I have to share with one more thing with you. I’ve never though I would experience something as spectacular as the things above. I bought tickets for Broadway shows (Rock of Ages and Jersey Boys) and I was positively surprised, especially by the Rock of Ages musical. It was sooo great show I could see it every day (I’m gonna be ultimate fan)- good music from 80’s, funny dialogues and superb characterization of actors. So remember, sometimes the best things that came to your life need to be unexpected and unplanned. Discovery is fun. I am incredibly open to everything.


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