GoPro Camera is mine!

BlogI finally bought it! I dreamed about it, I wanted it to be small to hide in my pocket, and there it is – ladies and gentlemen I present you my own beloved brand new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Camera

During my trip to US, I was  wondering what electronic device I should buy: iphone 5s, ipad mini or GoPro Hero Camera? The electronic equipment in US stores is cheaper than in Poland so I have a big dilemma what to buy – especially when all the aboved mentioned gadgets will simplify my life (my old dinosaur iphone 3G keeps hanging up). However, for the long time I had been dreaming about possession of GoPro Hero Camera in order to make cool snowboarding videos and pics, photos and movies during a motorcycle ride or in everyday life. This camera is so light and small than I could hide it in my pocket or keep it all the time in NYC 272my bag.

Before the decision was taken, I had to check all pros and cons – actually averything revolved around money. As I said before, the electronic equipment is more expensive in Polish stores than in US, however you can also buy the new devices on auction websites. So I compare the prices and it turned out the best deal would be to buy GoPro Hero – no website could offer me the same price for the ‘GoPro 3+ Black Edition’ (I spent in US $399 vs. ca. $500 for the best offer in Poland.

As soon as I decided for the camera, I had to found the store in US to buy it on my first day in NYC in order to make the videos later. I went to Best Buy store (electronic chain store in US, something like Media Markt or Saturn in Europe) and ask for the camera – spend also some dollars to accessorize my GoPro (extra head strap and helmet front mount).

You might think buying the camera should not be on dream list as it seems so easy to spend money. Believe me it is not as easy as it seems – although I had money to buy the camera long time ago I had to think twice because there are always other more important things you have to buy. Now I have a chance to put my life in action 🙂


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