First post and first dream from my bucket list

oneOne year ago I heard for the first time the best piano performance of Metallica’s song (here’s the link). Since then I started thinking about playing like this guy in the video. 

The piano cover of that song seemed so perfect I could not resist to try it. However, after 1 month of trials the idea turned out to be just a flash in the pan. Not because it was difficult, but I started doing something else that distracted me from finishing the piano cover. I managed to play the intro to the song and drop it. Yep, I have to admit it’s really difficult to get back to things when there’s no time limit to do it. At work you have calendar to do each task on particular day but  when it comes to your hobby or interests – no limits  – you’re free as a bird. Freedom is good but sometimes it prevents us from achieving the goals we have. Freedom can be compared to time dilation – a phenomenon in which we stretch the time by finding our own  clock ticking at a slower pace.

So when I decided to create my bucket list – I put the piano performance on it. To challenge myself, to motivate myself and to prove I can do it. So  look out world, here I come with my piano performance of Metallica’s song ‘Nothing else matters’ (after one year of break) Hope you’re gonna like it 😉


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